Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Play any of the video first time.
  • Watch the video without any hindrance.
  • Once video will be completed then a reward points will be credited to your account.
  • Website
    1. Click on any premium movie, If premium then will display price of the video.
    2. Click on play button, list of payment option will be display. Choose any payment option to pay & watch.
  • Android
    1. Click on Navigation Menu
    2. Then click on Transaction menu.
    3. Select Coin Details Option.
  • Website
    1. Login to your moviflex account.
    2. Click on your name which is top right menu bar.
    3. Then click on MY TRANSACTION.
    4. Choose the option Coin Details. You will find all the coin data.
  • Website
    1. Play movie which is copyright infringement, or visit
    2. Below player at the right side click on flag button.
    3. Follows the step for report any materials.