About Us

MOVIFLEX provides video streaming on demand. This online platform (website and app) is a hub for movies – of all kinds, of all times; from India and across – alongside web-series, short-movies and trending infotainment clips.

With its strength of video-quality like no other and acute attention to customizing user experience – MOVIFLEX strives to offer a wholesome entertainment destination within clicks and taps.

Formidable Features for True Cinephiles
  1. Plays like a boss: Slow network? Inconsistent bandwidth? Don’t bother as our smart media-player modifies the audio-video output to the smoothest possible.
    While you are free to tune the quality as per your desire, let it on MOVIFLEX to automatically optimize your favorite shows to the best resolution even at the low end of your connection.
  2. True pay-per-view: We assure you’ll never have to pay for what you don’t like. At MOVIFLEX, watch any show till its quarter duration without committing to pay*. And after that, when it’s safe to assume your heart is won, we’ll gladly accept your payment without disturbing you.
    Nevertheless, our surprisingly nominal charges will only make you wanna spend more – on yourself, with us.
  3. Too neat, too nimble: An interface so elegant that browsing MOVIFLEX is a tour in itself.
    The breadth of our choicest contents at your disposal is equipped with advance search-filters and intelligent auto-fill suggestion. Nothing beats these when all you want is to just loosen up without getting lost.
  4. Befriend your usher: MOVIFLEX gives you the freedom to access your account on three different devices (phone/PC/tablet) even at the same time. For. Three. Different. Shows.
    Exciting, right? So, exciting that we’re tempted to tell you can either pay for one account or share one with two of your pals. Oops!

So, Flex Your Movies with MOVIFLEX. Now available on Google Play Store for android devices and accessible at www.moviflex.in.